Three Steps North

Three Steps North (1951)

During WW2, American G.I. Frank Keeler has a job driving a supply truck for the company’s quartermaster.His unit is stationed in Amalfi, Itali. Frank steals many goods from the quartermaster and he sells them on the black market, garnering a small fortune. When the Military Police gets alerted about his activities, Frank decides to bury his money along the highway.He marks a nearby tree with his carved initials.Despite his efforts, the Army arrests him and sends him to a military gaol for 4 years.After his release, Frank decides to return to Italy and retrieve his hidden loot.He gets a job on a freighter in order to gain trans-Atlantic passage to Italy. Aboard the freighter, Frank gambles with other sailors, looses, and writes many IOUs to his friend Vince whom he assures of prompt re-payment of debt once they arrive in Italy.On their arrival in Naples, Frank goes ashore to retrieve his loot and Vince becoming suspicious of Frank decides to follow him ashore.When Frank arrives at the spot where he buried the money box he discovers the spot to be near a huge brand-new American military cemetery.That’s when the real troubles begin for Frank.

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Genre: CrimeDrama


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Duration: 85 min

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Tagline: A man can wait just SO long! ... and when he strikes back, watch for the dramatic explosion!