The Wonderful World of Dogs

    The Wonderful World of Dogs (1990)

    A woman obsessed by dogs crapping on her small piece of lawn. A pelican hungry enough to eat a small Chihuahua. A dog who enjoys dressing up in women’s clothing. And another with a penchant for rubber… Discover the wonderful world of dogs… barkers, bullies, crappers, and roamers. Meet Boris, Pebbles, Piglet, Molly and the delinquent dog, Fugly. Meet the people – the devoted dog-lovers and those less enthusiastic about the canine breed. The Wonderful World of Dogs looks at the myths and obsessions surrounding the domestic dog and their doting owners. A story about dogs who just want to be dogs and people who want their dogs to be just like people.

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    Genre: Documentary




    Duration: 52 min

    Quality: HD


    Tagline: A Story From Both Sides of the Leash