Old Shatterhand

Old Shatterhand (1964)

A peace treaty between the United States government and the Apaches is about to be signed in Washington. However, a gang of outlaws plan to sabotage the peace process in order to prevent the signing of a treaty. This way, the gang stands to benefit from illegally grabbing Indian lands for themselves. To execute their plan, the outlaws use the Comanche tribe of Chief Big Bear to attack White settlements, stagecoaches and wagon trains and blame the attacks on the Apache. Comanche warriors kill farmers and plant evidence by leaving dead Apache at the scene. These incidents convince the local Army commander, General Taylor, that Apaches are to be blamed. Unconvinced, legendary scout Old Shatterhand meets with his friend, Apache Chief Winnetou, to investigate. Winnetou insists that his tribe wants peace and is not behind the attacks on the Whites. General Taylor meets Winnetou and Old Shatterhand to listen to their account. The general agrees to allow the two guests investigate the incidents in order to find the real culprits. In the meantime, he is called to Washington, and he leaves Captain Bradley in charge of the fort. The Captain seems to be prejudiced against the Apache and would do anything to prove that Apaches are behind the attacks against the settlers. Scout Old Shatterhand suspects that Comanches are being paid in alcohol by renegade Whites to attack the settlers and frame the Apaches for these attacks. But with a hostile Captain Bradley in charge of the fort, it will be difficult for Winnetou and his friend Old Shatterhand to find the real culprits and prove that Apaches are innocent.

Duration: 89 min

Quality: HD