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Billy the Kid’s Gun Justice

Billy the Kid’s Gun Justice (1940)

The third in the series of six PRC westerns starring Bob Steele as Billy the Kid (Bob Steele, finds Billy and his pals, Jeff Blanchard (Carleton Young) and Fuzzy Jones (Al St. John) ambushed in a cabin and, as they are making their getaway, Jeff is wounded. They go to Little Bend Valley where Jim Blanchard, Jeff’s uncle, has a ranch. On their way, there see Ed Baker (Charles King0 and Buck Mason (Rex Lease) stop the wagon driven by Ann Roberts (Louise Currie). Billy stops the two henchmen from throwing the supplies from the wagon. Ann tells Billy that she and her father, Tom Roberts (Forrest Taylor), have bought a ranch but that someone is trying to run them out of the valley. They ride with Ann and Jeff is surprised to see that the Roberts’ are living on what was formerly his uncle’s ranch. The Roberts had only been there a short time, had never met Jim Blanchard, and after buying the ranch from Cobb Allen (Al Ferguson) learned they had no water rights. Billy also learns that other ranchers such as Dave Barlow (Edward Peil Sr.) had also bought ranches from Cobb, but that Cobb had diverted the stream that ran through the ranches and was now trying to force them to buy water from him. Billy and Jeff go to the barricade Cobb has around the water and after a fight with Allen-henchmen Bragg (Kenne Duncan), Mason and Baker, the water is turned back into its original channel.

Duration: 57 min

Quality: HD


Original Title: Billy the Kid's Gun Justice